Thursday, June 30, 2005

Minor Update to beta

I've made some minor fixes to the Latest Beta.

1> Better support for installs on Longhorn. The old version crashes during setup because an ActiveX control crashes regsvr32. I'm investigating, but for now, Fiddler on LH does not have the HexView. Also, Fiddler should no longer crash when disconnecting.

2> Support for configuration of the hotkey. By default CTRL+ALT+F brings up Fiddler's main window, but apparently CTRL+ALT is equivalent to ALTGr, a modifier used by many international users. So, you can now change the hotkey via the registry.

Using RegEdit, create new DWORDs under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Fiddler:

Set Hotkey to the keycode (e.g. hex 48 is "H").
Set HotkeyMod to the modifier (e.g. 1=ALT, 2=CTRL, 8=Windows, 9=Windows+ALT, etc). Restart Fiddler and the new hotkey should take effect.


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