Monday, March 31, 2008

Fiddler Beta Released

Over the weekends this month, I’ve added some new features to Fiddler2 and made a few bugfixes. You can download the latest Fiddler2 Beta here:


Eric [3/31/08]
Various High-DPI fixes
Fixed TTFB line for TimelineView [3/30/08]
Improved Fiddler Options dialog
AutoStream Video option
Headers Inspector now sorts
Various bugfixes
Support "X-IgnoreContentLength: 1" for request builder [3/10/08]
Improved HTTPS support
Improved installer compatibility with Vista
Fixed Win2k bug preventing use of Fiddler [3/1/08]
Various bugfixes [2/25/08]
Improved AutoResponder (RegEx support)
Improved HexViewer
Map requests back to process ID (oSession.oFlags["x-ProcessInfo"])
Added Response Templates
Improved TimelineView
Various bugfixes


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