Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Beta

Fiddler is cruising toward the 1.2 release. I want to add a few final features, ensure it's stable, and release it to the world.

Please try the new beta and send me any feedback you have.
  • Update mechanism rev'd with new features
  • Now supports gateway-override via oSession["x-overrideGateway"] = "theproxy:8080" , or even use "DIRECT"
  • Plumbed x-overrideHost and x-overrideGateway into SSL CONNECT codepath
  • Adding OnReturningError event handler
  • Fixed bug in ResumeAll after loading an archive
  • Fixed cookie deletion on Vista
  • Warning when archiving only one session
  • Support for splitters in Rules submenus

  • Added support for FiddlerBypass key which accepts or URIs to bypass Fiddler (akin to IE's proxy bypass list)
  • Added oSession["ui-backcolor"]
  • Added extensibility for Rules submenus and radio buttons

  • Z-Ordering mitigations for StayOnTop feature
  • Registry check of IsBeta flag
  • Fixed Squish button after unstack
  • Fixed .ico to treat as image

  • Much improved Reporter performance
  • Updated ClearFiles / ClearCookies to work with Protected Mode IE on Vista


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