Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Critical update

A critical security update has been made to Fiddler. Please upgrade to version 1.1 immediately.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Minor Beta (v1.0.6)


New View | Stacked Layout option
Autobreakpoints now ignore images by default.
Image inspector offers two scaling modes
Insert key marks current session
Delete of session autoselects next session
Prompts to install WinDiff if Session Compare can't find it
String registry entry "CompareTool" enables custom Compare tool choice
Autobypass upstream proxy for hostnames "" and "localhost" (only downside is can't chain instances)
.NET Framework v2.0 now detected by installer

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Updated Beta (v1.0.5)

A minor new beta has been posted. v1.0.5

// Script can set state to SessionStates.Done to abort further processing
// Added "View Bytes" option to Text Encoder/Decoder tool
// Increased robustness on Session Archive loader (again)
// Changed to datagrid for HTML Form Request Inspector
// Added check for Microsoft Firewall client automatic configuration
// Added new registry option: "UseEventLogForExceptions"; default is False

// Fiddler no longer eats HTTP/401 Responses when the server rejects the NTLM credentials the user has offered. It instead passes the response back to IE, which triggers a prompt for credentials.
// Introduced HTML Form Request Inspector
// Increased robustness on Session Archive loader
// Changed file-save dialogs for clarity
// Minor update to default session colors
// Added hotkey information to options dialog