Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fiddler v2.1 Alpha

An alpha of the upcoming Fiddler2.1 release is now available here:

If you are having problems correctly saving ASP.NET AJAX sessions in the Visual Studio WebTest format, you should see this problem fixed in the alpha.

NOTE: This new version contains the breaking architectural changes first announced here: If you have written custom Inspectors or AutoFiddles, you will need to recompile them against the new version.

// Pulled Inspector.cs and HTTPHeaders.cs into Fiddler.exe, obsoleting plugins.dll.
// Added UriScheme property to HTTPRequestHeaders & Parse it from request headers
// Fixed WebTest:Plugins:WebTestPluginDynamicField for ASPNET AJAX collection
// Added "Enable IPv6" to Tools > Fiddler Options
// Added CaptureFTP Registry value and CONFIG.bCaptureFTP; only works if you have an upstream FTP proxy


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